Thursday, October 29, 2009

Brrrr! It's Cold!

Living in California all of my life, I am used to it being either hot, or cool. Nothing really more extreme than cool. I *do* remember living in Apple Valley, and having it snow a bit and get cold and windy. But, we were only there for 2 winters, so it's easy to forget.

On Tuesday, Southern Utah ( though not here at the house or in St. George ) got its first snow. It snowed as close as 25 minutes from us, in Kolob. I made home made hot cocoa for the kids, and later on I decided that we needed to take a drive to get out of the house and kind of shake off the grumpiness between Noah and Daddy. So, we took a side road out for a while, and saw a deer with big antlers along the way! It was quite a sight. When I doubled back to try to catch him for a picture, he was gone. We continued on to a breathtaking scenic drive in Kolob. The kids were so very excited to see snow, and even got out to touch it for a few minutes before we all decided we were freezing.

Yesterday at 3pm it topped at 45 degrees. This morning when I took Kaitlyn to school, it said it was 35. I'm really not used to this in October, but it's really exciting for me to live in a place where you can see and feel the seasons change. I have been told that we will see snow here in Hurricane as well, and I am really looking forward to that. :)

Anyway, here are some pictures from our trip up to Kolob. Not many, and kind of blurry, because I was losing light and my camera sucks.