Saturday, July 18, 2009

110 Degrees today, but beautiful

Today is a very hot day. We made the mistake of going out during the hottest part no less. It was 110 degrees at 3:15 while we were out running errands. Not a smart move, but I learned my lesson. ;)

Poor Noah isn't feeling good today, and I'm wondering if he's getting sick ( he HAS been coughing the past 2 days ), or the heat, or a combination of the two. Poor guy kept saying "Can we just go home?" while we were out today.

Anyway, I have been promising to post pictures of what it looks like where we live. I finally took some today, though the picture that looks out over Hurricane isn't great because it's a bit overcast and muggy.

Here they are. The first two are from our *backyard*! :

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