Monday, July 20, 2009

Adventures and New Discoveries

Today I had promised the kids that we could grab some lunch and ice cream. We went into downtown Hurricane, rather than St. George this time. It's a seriously cute little area, complete with a Main Street ( and it LOOKS like what you would picture a Main Street to be! ), antique shop, and white picket fences. I decided that we would do some exploring. I was armed with my camera, so off we went!

Lately I have been fascinated by learning about the FLDS ( Fundamental Latter Day Saints ) and Polygamists that we so often see walking around in local stores ( particularly Walmart ), and have been reading a lot about the cities of Hildale and Colorado City. These are the more heavily populated areas for Polygamists. Jeramy thinks it's odd that I have a fascination with this - but what can I say? I do. One doesn't often get to so plainly see people who are involved in a cult, walking around in the local store. :shrug:

So anyway, back to our adventure. I saw a sign that said "Colorado City - 22 Miles", and knew where we were going. The town itself is nestled up against some of the most beautiful cliffs I have ever seen. ( see pics below ) And yes, we saw plenty of people out and about in the full outfits they wear ( The picture below was not taken by me, just an example to show you ), and we saw a girl younger than Kaitlyn in the full garb, running a young horse. What stumps me is how they don't die of heat stroke in these outfits. The collars go all the way up to the neck, full length sleeves, and the skirt is down to the feet. I think I'd be passing out daily. Maybe there's some secret to them. Maybe I'll work up the nerve to ask one of the women I pass by in Walmart one day. I wonder if they'd get offended if I asked something so silly as that?

We stopped in many spots along the way so that I could take pictures. Each time I pulled over, the kids groaned. LOL

Jeramy called right after we got home this afternoon, and asked what we were doing.

Christy: "We just got back from Arizona."
Jeramy: "Excuse me? What?!"
Christy: "Well, I saw a sign that said 'Colorado City - 22 Miles', and well ... "
Jeramy: "You're special."

Heehee. Jeramy gives me such a hard time about my fascination. ;)

Here are some of the pictures from today. I am also adding some of the living room, as I got my lettering put up, and a wall decoration as well. OH! And a short video of the kids doing something they just discovered. LOL

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