Monday, July 27, 2009

Treks into the hills, racoons, and amazing lightening storms!

We've had quite the adventure since we've been here. We always trying to find something new to do, or see, and this weekend was no exception. ;)

There is a place nearby called Toquerville Falls. It is a section of the desert near Zion National Park that has naturally-occuring waterfalls. I really wanted to see them. I had read that it was off of a main road, up a dirt road a few miles. It was described as "rough", but didn't have a whole lot of detail. ( I should have looked into it further! )

We tried going off to find this on Friday, and miraculously ended up getting about 2 1/2 miles up this incredibly rocky and rough terrain in our minivan before Jeramy made the judgement call that the van couldn't go any further. I was really bummed, but was amazed we had made it *that* far in the van! LOL I am going to have to borrow or rent a 4x4 one of these days to be able to get up there. The pictures of this place are gorgeous. But boy was my adrenaline pumping, trying to get the van back down to the main road without popping a tire, or ripping a hole in the undercarriage on one of the big rocks. :-/ Oy!

We have also been going swimming at night a lot. We've had fun being able to swim after the sun is down, cutting the risk of sunburn. Our pool is open until 11, and we've been going at about 8. On our way back the other night, we saw a family of racoons scurrying across the road. The kids were excited, and I have to admit that I was too. I like racoons. :)

Last night we watched one of *THE* most amazing lightening storms I have ever seen. No rain, no thunder, just lightening. And the cool part was that the clouds were so big that the lightening seemed to be INSIDE of the clouds, lighting them all up. We watched for a good half hour before coming in.

The down side to this is, I seemed to have brushed up against something while outside ( in the dark ), because I began breaking out in hives all over my body. I was absolutely miserable last night, and had to hunt through boxes for an antihistamine. Goodness was I glad when I woke up and found them gone this morning!

I don't really have any pictures this time, just notes of our many adventures. :) I have a prenatal tonight with a new client ( YAY! ), and then we will probably go swimming. Good times!

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