Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trying to catch up - and KEEP up!

I moved our family blog over here to Blogspot, in hopes of keeping up with it more often since my Midwifery blog is here too. :) We'll see if it works.

We moved into our new home just over 2 weeks ago, and I think we have been busier since we got here, than we ever have been before! We've been on playdates with friends, discovered Jumpin' Jacks, have been swimming, and have been to play at the park. We are thankful to have a pool where we live now. It is a community pool, but is rarely busy. We took the kids swimming at about 10pm on 4th of July, because the pool is at the edge of a gorge, where you can see out over a good chunk of Hurricane. We were able to watch the fireworks and play in the water at the same time. :)

One of our fascinations is to watch the bats come out at sundown. Personally, the freak the hell out of me. I've had Jeramy go out to the van to get groceries out if I'm home at about the time the bats come out. They swoop, dive, and they're ALL OVER the place. :shudder: Jeramy keeps telling me that they won't attack me, but I'm just not convinced. Ever seen the old movie The Birds? Yeah, I'll be starring in the new feature entitled The Bats. You think I'm kidding, don't you?

It is definitely hot here, and it hasn't even reached its peak from what I'm told. It is supposed to be 109 this weekend. At least we have air conditioning in this house! It's a lifesaver. I'm just afraid to see the electric bill. LOL Thankfully too, we have ceiling fans in every room of the house, and it REALLY helps to keep the cool air circulating. Night time is a beautiful thing here. You can actually SEE the stars, imagine that! We have been able to pick out the Big Dipper, Orion, and several smaller constellations.

I am dying to go out for a few hours, armed with my camera, because it's absolutely beautiful here. I will soon, I promise. The red hills are breathtaking, and the view from up the road from us looks like the backdrop in any of the western movies.

For now, I will post some pictures from a trip to the park with Becky's kids. :)

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